About Love Reiki

DSC_0009 (2)I am a happy spirit with grown beautiful, intelligent, caring daughters, a precious grown son in Heaven, a sweet goofy little miniature golden doodle, many inspirational and loving friends that continually amaze me, and I have been married to my high school sweetheart for, well, since the Beatles were hot.
I became interested in Reiki a few years ago while attending a certification class in hypnotherapy. A couple of my class mates were Reiki Masters. One day at lunch break my back was hurting and one of these lovely ladies asked if she could just put her hand on my lower back. I said yes, of course, and the rest is history. Her hand became hot like a heating pad and yes, my backache went away.  From there, my  friend became my  teacher/mentor/Reiki Master for two sets of classes and two attunements. Reiki One and Reiki Two. She is amazing and beautiful and gifted with this loving healing modality. I am blessed to know her. I find joy in giving Reiki treatments. It is a gentle hands on (fully clothed) treatment that soothes and comforts and heals. The treatment takes about an hour. It can address so many issues of this busy life:
depression, stress, anxiety, post operative pain, chronic pain,
hospice care, and can work in harmony with any healing modality for any illness or malady. It can be given to adults, children, animals, and can even be sent long distance. Reiki can help you sleep better and also  bring your life into balance, body, mind, and spirit.